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Dave & Brydie here, welcome to Screw Your Job.


We're on a mission to help more people discover the power of profits over wages and how it can mean doing more of what you love.


As a family of 5 that love to travel and adventure, a so called 'normal' job did not allow us the time or the funds we needed to sustain our lifestyle.


We're now sharing what we've found that works with other families, travellers and entrepreneurs.


Scroll down now to learn more about business models that work with the lifestyle of your dreams. Seriously!

Change Your Mindset.

Change Your Life.

A Guide To Creating Profits Over Wages And Living Life To The Fullest.

Why Choose Profits Over Wages?

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    There is a limit to the amount of time you can trade for wages.

    If you are relying on an hourly wage for your income you are limiting the amount of money you can make. Think about it this way: If you worked a 60 hour week, getting paid $40 per hour, the maximum you would be paid before tax is $2,400! The only 2 ways to increase this outcome is to increase the hours you work, or your hourly rate (which usually comes with increased responsibilities and more hours anyway).

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    Trading hours that could be better spent with family or travel.

    Working for set hours and set wages not only means limiting your income, but also the time you get to spend doing what you love. Your 'normal' job usually means waiting for allocated holidays or days off to enjoy time with family or travel. In most of these roles, holidays are restricted to just 4 weeks of the year! Longer term, you are also working for the majority of the peak of your existence.


    Why wait till retirement to enjoy your life?!

What's The Alternative?

The alternative to trading time for money is focusing on profit building and creating income streams that rely on the work you do, and what you invest in.


Examples of investments & profit business models may include; selling a product or service (eCommerce or online shopping), investing in CFDs (contracts for difference) like FOREX trading and shares, affiliate marketing (eCommerce without the inventory & logistics), angel investing (product & business financing), and property investment & development.


Many of these business models do not rely on set business hours or locations. This provides an opportunity to create what we like to call a 'freedom lifestyle'. This lifestyle differs for everyone, some choose to focus their efforts on creating more time for travel and family adventures, whilst others focus on creating a magnitude of wealth to further fund future endeavours or goals.


When you are not limited by the hours you are able to put in, you have the potential to create a larger income stream.


The sooner you can stop trading your precious time for wages and create your own business or cash flow model, the sooner you can focus on your long-term goals such as travel, family adventures, or charity work.

Whether you think you can or you think you can't - You're right.

~ Henry Ford

What would you do if you had more time?

Would you spend it on travel, time with your family, personal development, a new business venture, experiences & adventures, or all of the above?


Many of us spend hours upon hours every single day dreaming of more time, or more income. What would you do if there was a way you could have more time to do all the things you love, whilst still generating an income?


The world as we know it is changing fast, and if you don't move with it, you might miss out. We have jobs that exist now that didn't exist just 10 years ago, and in 10 years time there will be jobs available that don't exist now!


Which is why WE WANT TO HELP YOU! We are passionate about spending time with our family, travelling & living a 'freedom lifestyle', and because we see how unhappy so many people are with their lives, we want to help you create your own life of freedom and help you swap your wages for profits.

How To Make Money

There's a myriad of options out there allowing you to focus on profits rather than wages, some of these include..

Business & Property Investment Portfolios

eCommerce & Affiliate Marketing Models

Crypto, FOREX & Share Trading Platforms


Time & Financial Freedom Business Model

When it comes to creating a freedom lifestyle, we talk the talk. But are we willing to put our money where our mouth is?


YES! We have partnered with a company that not only provides high paying commissions, but also provides ALL the training and support needed to succeed, as well as access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that are ready to help your business grow exponentially.


Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the World, around your family, while creating real time & financial freedom!


It's possible! And it's easier than you might think...

This will take you to our partner site where you will have the opportunity to learn more.

Meet Brydie


With an attitude and sheer determination for success, Brydie helps business owners and entrepreneurs create income streams using smarter marketing strategies, investments and online tools.


Her drive is family focused and Brydie works closely with other Mums who are creating their side income or stay at home opportunity.

Profits Are Better Than Wages.

Wages make you a living, profits make you a fortune.

Meet Dave


Having a background in technology support and electronics, David is the tech head in this partnership. From coding to calculating investment requirements and outcomes, David can be found helping entrepreneurs make better use of online sales funnels and digital marketing.


With family also at the top of David's priorities, he shows people how the internet can create time freedom allowing work around personal schedules and events.


We're sure you have questions about the best way to start making money...

What is the best method to make money?

What systems do we use and recommend?

What the heck is affiliate marketing?

How long does it take to make money?

Can anyone do this?

Do I need to take big risks to make big money?


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