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Learn How To Leverage

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Make the most of social media and online marketing with Screw your Job

Two Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

  • i.

    1-on-1 Brand Coaching and Profile Audits.

    Get audits of your current online presence and marketing from our team with recommendations and strategies you can easily follow and put in to place to improve your branding, reach and engagement. Our team will maximise your advertising budget and show you how to use existing data and leads to grow and nurture a larger audience.

  • ii.

    Learn At Your Own Pace About Relevant Topics.

    Our new online training platform, e-book downloads and cheat sheets will help you effectively grow your online business, get more leads and sales, as well as teach you how to better market your brand.


    Training Platform goes live on the 8th of the 8th, 2018. See Facebook page for pre-launch details.

Be in Control of Your Business

The best way to get ahead in business is having all the information you need to avoid having to learn everything by trial and error. You don't have to be an expert in everything online, you just need to have an expert at reach to answer questions and teach you.

What We Do

1-on-1 coaching with your brand or business

Self-serve training and resources platform (launching 8th August, 2018)

Improve online advertising ROI

Goal setting and defining your points of difference

Create a strategy for consistent success

Grow organic brand awareness through reputation management



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Written for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to maximise their branding through online channels such as Facebook and Google search, this book goes through campaign strategies and resources you can put in place now.

- Engage with your ideal audience online

- Sell more without a sales pitch

- Learn about brand collaborations

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Screw Your Job

was created by Dave and Brydie to help other business owners successfully leverage the power of internet marketing.

Meet Brydie


With an attitude and sheer determination for success, Brydie helps business owners create income streams using smart marketing strategies, investments and online tools.


Brydie's creative background helps businesses maximise the performance of their logos and visual branding.


Her drive is family focused and Brydie works closely with other Mums who are creating their side income or stay at home opportunity.

Meet Dave


David is co-founder of the training platform Screw Your Job and has been helping brands master their use of technology since early 2009.


David’s focus is on social marketing and growth hacking, and although is amazing with advertising campaigns, enjoys mastering organic traffic and viral growth.


Through the Screw Your Job platform, David offers clients audits on their marketing and online presence, as well as strategy sessions to grow and develop online branding.

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